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  • Untitled post 80

    The flight from Kota Kinabalu to Taipei only took 3.5 hours. The time it takes to leave the airport = almost 2 hours 😰 Now I’m off to WordCamp Asia 2024!

  • Untitled post 77

    My hand-carry luggage looks so cute… and so bare. I added my eyeglasses on there so you can imagine how “big” my bags are. I guess that for a 3-hour flight one way, and a total stay of 3 days, what’s there to take along? Not much, clearly.

  • Untitled post 73

    Should I follow up? That extra 3.5 million wouldn’t be so bad. I’m terrible at leading people on, though.

  • Untitled post 68

    I was reading a bit more on hysteroscopy, since I just had one yesterday. Wow, almost 3 to 5k USD just to do one in the States?? Malaysia doing public healthcare right coz we do this for free❣️

  • Untitled post 65

    I was expecting to slow down on travelling this year, but it looks like it’s not meant to be! I’ve already taken two domestic trips, and will be off to my first international travel of the year this week. Grateful that my health’s picking up❣️

  • Untitled post 60

    I’m not a big fan of vignette ads that cover up the web page just before you get to the content you want. But when they increase my blog income by 36 percent? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Ž

  • Untitled post 56

    Me: How hard could it be to create my own customized scrolling mobile phone wallpaper? Also me: 😰😭

  • Untitled post 53

    Back for round 2. Looks can be deceiving, it’s more delicious than anyone thinks. Chicken cheese tart, UFO cake, chicken soo bao. #2’s favourites and mine.

  • Untitled post 42

    I didn’t realise I’ve only taken my #2, for the first time in his life, today to my favourite kopitiam slash bakery in the whole world. Now he can’t get enough of their pastries! Crowdsourced photo courtesy of Google Maps.

  • Untitled post 39

    First post for 2024 now up at! Sharing my plans to consolidate sites, refresh content, and prioritize personal projects in 2024.

  • Untitled post 26

    I’ve started to explore a little bit of Pinterest Analytics. After linking my site, it said that pins related to my site has 100k++ monthly impressions. I need to convert that!